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Is God calling you to service?
Our parish is growing, and we are in great need of volunteers in many capacities. Please help our parish flourish by joining any of the above ministries. Also, if you see a need, come talk to our pastor about creating a ministry to address that need. Just call the Parish Office at 734-676-5115 for more information.


Reading loud and clear “the Word of the Lord” at Mass is a lector’s job.  They also lead a prayerful psalm response from the congregation when a cantor is not available. Anyone who has received the sacrament of Confirmation is eligible to “tell the Good News.”
*Lectors and Eucharistic Ministers formation is held periodically at St. Timothy. Sponsored by the Archdiocese. Call the parish office at 734-676-5115 to sign up or for more information.


Altar Servers

Volunteers think of serving at Mass as an extension of how they help out at home. Visiting priests are pleased to see St. Tim’s has married couples, family members, and friends who are altar servers. A short training session that fits their schedule is the goal. Also, a coordinator will provide notes and act as mentor at an altar server’s first Mass. Servers are normally scheduled once a month and usually pick the Mass time and date that works best for them.

Service includes:

  • 1 – Carrying candles to the altar as Mass begins.
  • 2 – Holding a prayer book for Father at the beginning and end of the Mass.
  • 3 – Carrying candles to the reader’s stand.
  • 4 – Placing the chalice, book, Communion cups and plates on the altar.
  • 5 – Carrying candles to lead the procession of the gifts, as well as to the back of the church as Mass ends.

A call to the church office is all it takes to join this much-needed ministry.

Altar Linens Ministry

It doesn’t take much time to wash and dry altar linens used in the celebration of the Mass, and  this ministry is in great need of people to help out. Please call 734-676-5115.

Christian Service

Please contact Mary Stermer to learn more about Christian Service. Call 734-676-5115.

Eucharistic Ministers

Volunteers help the priest distribute Holy Communion under both forms — bread and wine — during Mass.


Parishioners are trained to help keep order by seating people, handling emergencies, distributing and collecting donation baskets, and more.


Welcoming every person with a smile and a friendly hello is easy for these volunteers.

Environment Committee

No matter the liturgical season of the year (Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, ordinary time), our worship space is always beautiful thanks to the artistic talents of these parishioners.

Homebound Ministry

Consecrated hosts are taken to homes/hospitals/nursing facilities or wherever there are people too ill to attend Mass. Please call the parish office at 734-676-5115 for more information.


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