Families of Parishes, Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Detroit Priestly Vocations and Other Ministries

Families of Parishes Information

You are invited to a series of gatherings unique to your parish family.

  • Gathering One- Wednesday April 28  7-9 p.m. – Encountering Jesus through New Relationships
  • Gathering Two- Wednesday June 2  7-9 p.m. – Growing Together in Faith as a Family
  • Gathering Three- Wednesday July 21  7-9 p.m. – Witnessing with Support & Encouragement

Learn more and register at FOPGATHERINGS.ORG

Beginning in July, and throughout the summer, the Family Pastors: Fr. Marc Gawronski, Fr. Ray Lewandowski, Fr. Bob Johnson, and Fr. John Nedumcheril, will meet to begin working on a Covenant.  This agreement will outline how we will work together as family pastors to strengthen our ability to proclaim the gospel.

This cooperation among the pastors will eventually lead to the selection of Directors: clergy or lay leaders who will lead areas of ministry in collaboration with the family pastors.  Directors will lead areas such as Discipleship formation, Christian Service and other areas of ministry we share in common as parish communities.  Even before these Directors are chose, a Mission Support director will be chosen who will lead up the Administrative needs of the parishes in our family, enabling the pastors to dedicate more time to ministry.  The key word for all the Directors is “mission”; which is our responsibility to draw parishioners and non-parishioners alike closer to Jesus.

You can read more about Families of Parishes at familiesofparishes.org.

Other activities, events, and ministries:

  1. Society of St.Vincent dePaul
  2. Trenton Knights of Columbus
  3. Trenton Food Pantry
  4. Detroit Priestly Vocations
  5. Special Needs Group
  6. Where to Find Help

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