St. Timothy ~ Overview

Our parish family welcomes everyone St. Timothy Catholic Church.  As a community of believers in Jesus Christ, we try hard to put our faith into practice:

1. Welcoming: We are a relatively small parish that draws our members from a number of communities from the downriver area. Because of our numbers, we can be both personal and communal. Members of our church remind us of our own mission statement. It says: “Inspired by the love of Jesus, we work to grow spiritually and to attract others to our faith community. As Our Home, we are called to live the Word of God to the fullest through outreach, openness, education, and action. As part of our home, we provide these things through the time and talent of our parishioners.”

2. Eucharistic: We are also very proud that our community is centered on the Eucharist. The Eucharist is the font and center of our lives. Christ is present in the Body and Blood of Christ as well as the Word of God. As members of the body of Christ we are called to grow in our own personal faith as well as bring others into a deeper relationship with our God. Because each of us follows our own faith journey, we know that one’s own relationship with God is very organic in nature. Because we change and grow in our world, we also must change and grow in terms of our faith relationship. We know that God is always with us, we are made aware of the many ways that He calls us to be aware of His presence.

3. Ministerial: We offer different ways to assist us in our journey. These commissions and ministries draw on the different talents that we share in these ministries. Commissions look at the big “Church” picture. Each of them points to a specific part of Church ministry. The Worship commission oversees different forms of liturgy. The Christian Service commission helps those in need through the Trenton Food Pantry and by means of other forms of service. It also looks at different social needs in our parish and with our neighboring parish communities. The Education Commission enables us to meet the educational needs of our entire parish community – children, youth and adults.

4. Community: Our community includes all who enter through our doors. The members of our parish grow by being an integral part of our liturgical celebrations. All parishioners have the opportunity to serve in a variety of ways. Adults with special needs join us actively. In addition to participating in Religious Education for adults with special needs, these important members of our parish serve in different ministries depending on their interest and capability.


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